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Bumble Nest

How do you build a hopeful narrative around a painful topic?

I was invited by Zoya Amirali to work on an Ad Campaign for a fictional feature on the Bumble App that allows users to meet people virtually. My work on this project largely involved developing a narrative around the app. 

We decided to use shared communities as a recurring motif in our narrative. What makes Bumble stand out amongst its competitors is its priority on safety and we wanted to highlight that throughout the film. Aesthetically, I wanted to remain consistent with the rest of the company's branding while also being mindful of the circumstances surrounding the conceptualization of this feature.

Commission / Faux Advertisement / 1920*1080 / 2022
Creative Direction: Zoya Amirali
Production Time: 2 weeks
Photoshop / After Effects
Role: Art Direction /  Sound Design / Type Animation

*This ad is not affiliated with Bumble
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