Design frames

Various design frames produced as experiments and explorations of various styles. For a closer look, click on any image.

[Extended Appendix]

1. Design is Human, Design Conference Branding, 2022
Influenced by early technological art, the graphic language emphasizes changing societal patterns due to the influx of algorithmically based structures in our lives.

2. Elevate, Illustrated Frames, 2022
Design frames for advertisement celebrating communities coming together to grow together. 

3. Why Is Iran Executing So Many Prisoners?, Infographic, 2022
Infographic boards about the Iran Human Rights Crises. The visual language is inspired by Iranian graphic designers, like Reza Abedini and Guity Novin, emphasizing intelligent use of typography and playing with shape of human body. 

4. Ich bin ein berliner, Kinetic Typography, 2019
John F. Kennedy's speech to the people of West Berlin is famous for its anti-communist rhetoric, cadence and spirit. I wanted to capture the speech’s rhythm and ability to reverberate through culture in my visuals.

5. Dispo, Brand Video, 2022

Dispo is a digital disposable camera social media app that encourages people to live in the moment, and share the true you. Using Scannography, I developed a tacticle graphic language that feels simultaneously timeless and of its time. 

6. IKEA For You, IKEA for Everyone, Ad Campaign, Designed with Josie Glassman and Cora Keene, 2022
Ad campaign spotlighting people's favourite IKEA products. Drawing on IKEA manuals and the DIY spirit of their products for inspiration, our tactile and minimalist approach places IKEA's— universally loved yet incredibly personal— products front and center of our campaign. 

7. Seven Deadly Sins, self motivated experiment, 2020
Meditation on the seven deadly sins but with a cow... for some reason. 

8. House was Quiet, The world was Calm, Illustrations, 2020
Geometric boards for Wallace Steven's poem. My goal was to try to capture the kinetic pace and tranquil atmosphere of the poem. 

8. Discovery of Arceus, Illustrations, 2019-2021
A Series of Pokemon Illustrations made for promotional and social media use for different clients.